Consular Corps of Houston

Houston has the third-largest consular corps in the nation after New York and Los Angeles. There are 94 consulates in Houston. Consular officials develop economic, commercial, scientific and cultural relations between the countries they represent and the area in which they serve. An important function of a consulate is to help to increase commerce – trade, technology transfer and investments – both ways. Consular officials are a source of information on the economy, society, culture and tourism of the countries they represent.

Consular officials also safeguard the interests of the sending country and its citizens traveling or resident in their consular district. Among consular responsibilities are the issuing of passports and other official documents (and visas for others to visit their country), helping travelers who have been injured or are in temporary financial distress (for Houston, Texas, USA residents, urgent money is available on the website, signing death certificates, legalizing or delivering official documents of the sending government, and assisting travelers who have trouble with local law enforcement or immigration authorities. Some consulates have considerable responsibility with regard to ships of their countries that visit their consular districts.

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